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Couples Counselling

Relationship and Marriage Counselling in Singapore

Committed relationships require a lot of hard work, and even the strongest couples sometimes falter. Conflicts are bound to arise, and disagreements due to differences in perspective, outlook, or experience may drive a seemingly unbridgeable gap between both parties.

However, challenges like infidelity, numbness, fighting, addiction, or past trauma do not necessarily mean it’s the end of the relationship. You can work on the relationship and overcome challenges faced with the support of a couple’s therapist.

Though couples therapy is typically viewed as a last resort, seeking support from the beginning is immensely helpful. Early intervention helps identify and address teething issues before they worsen.

At Executive Counselling, we offer relationship and marriage counselling in Singapore using Gottman Method Couples Theory, which helps you rebuild your friendship and work on the challenges you face.

More About Gottman Method Couples Theory

The Gottman Method is a scientifically based approach to therapy based on a series of longitudinal studies that analysed the factors affecting a couple’s likelihood of staying together or breaking up.

Gottman found that a relationship’s health depended on how couples interacted and navigated through conflict.

Hence, our couples counselling focuses on strengthening your friendship, creating shared meaning, and learning conflict management.

Notably, the Gottman Method applies to all couples: same-sex couples, heterosexual couples, and non-binary couples can all benefit from this treatment and are welcome to seek Executive Counselling’s help.

Moreover, the Gottman Method can help with many types of relationship issues. Hence, we offer various means of support, from conflict-management interventions to infidelity counselling services.

Benefits of Executive Counselling’s Couples Therapy

A safe space for both parties. Finding a safe space for both parties to express their thoughts openly can be challenging. Our therapist seeks to establish a neutral space where boundaries are set so that each party can communicate effectively and work through areas of concern.

Understand each other better. It’s normal for individuals to view the relationship through their own lens. Couple and marriage counselling helps you to objectively look at both sides of the disagreement and better understand your partner’s point of view.

Learn effective coping strategies. Couples and marriage counselling helps couples develop problem-solving skills to achieve greater emotional balance and peace.

Improve communication skills. Couples therapy helps improve your communication skills so you can communicate with your partner more productively and effectively.

Long-lasting support. Gottman Method Couples Theory is known for its efficacy and low relapse rate. Our counselling services can thus help you in the long term; even after therapy has ended, you can continue to apply the skills and strategies learnt to improve your relationship.

What to Expect From Couples Counselling

Step 1: You will attend a joint session with your partner. You will discuss your relationship’s history with the therapist and the challenges you’re currently facing.

Step 2: You and your partner identify the most significant obstacles hindering your relationship through the Gottman Assessment online.

Step 3: Both you and your partner have separate sessions with the therapist.

Step 4: After your therapist makes a diagnosis, you and your partner return to joint sessions with a clearly defined treatment plan in peace.

Executive Counselling is a friend of the LGBTQ community and all types of couples are welcome.

Couples Therapy in Singapore

Book a session with us today if you’re looking for couples counselling, infidelity counselling, or marriage counselling.

Pricing: S$450/1.5 hours
Click on the video below to hear Dr. John Gottman explain his research and approach.