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Lauren Mehrbach
0 Lauren Grey

ICF-Certified Executive Coach

Lauren is a career leader and educator who has spent more than three decades working with and leading teams on five continents. As an ICF-Certified Associate Coach and a former principal at Singapore American School and the American Cooperative School of Tunis, she has real world insight into the challenges and complexities that leaders of large organizations face.

Lauren has a global reputation for excellence and is a highly sought-after facilitator and professional development specialist. She earned an MA in educational leadership and LEAD certification from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Additionally, she is an instructor for the Principals’ Training Center. She is keenly interested in supporting new leaders through their first years, as well as coaching those who are tackling transformative change within their organizations.

Lauren has a unique skill set as a recruiter that she utilizes to guide leaders through building their own high-functioning teams or beginning a new career path. When she isn’t coaching or working on strategic initiatives, she is reading, running, cooking and spending time with family and friends.

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