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Rebecca Loan

Psychotherapist and Executive ADHD Counsellor

Rebecca Loan is a UK-trained and certified psychotherapist who specializes in helping professionals manage the complex emotions associated with ADHD.

As an ADHD-Certified Clinical Services Provider, she helps clients process the frustration, fear of failure and loss of confidence that often go hand-in-hand with ADHD, impeding personal and professional well-being. Rebecca is also passionate about helping women understand how menopause can worsen ADHD symptoms.

Rebecca’s sessions are grounded in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (how your subconscious is influencing your decisions) and the Internal Family Systems model (where our different parts are understood without criticism). She holds a diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling from the Chelmsford Counselling Foundation and is a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (membership #377168).

Before becoming a psychotherapist, Rebecca worked with Macmillan Cancer Support in London to design community cancer engagement strategies and manage cancer support groups.

Rebecca is also a keen abstract artist. During the pandemic, she overcame her own longstanding blocks about making art. She now exhibits her work and helps others uncover their own unique forms of creativity.

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